Cinfo serves the best EPG of the Spanish audiovisual market

  • development, platform and content: design, analysis of content, usability, integration, support and operation in one single company 
  • wide database of related metainformation for added value and cost reduction on TV platforms: synopsis, trailers, images, subtitles, director’s and actor’s biographies, etc
  • our smart system translates Spanish from Spain into Latin American Spanish, in addition to Portuguese and other languages
  • differentiating features: 24x7x365 attention, permanent auditing, great value for the money



Multimedia edition

texts and images for each one of the audiovisual products

Multilingual system

with integrated translation, now in four languages

Personalised delivery

XML, json, direct remittance, access through api, or direct delivery in HTML or any other formats

Serialised products

for fiction and other products, sports competitions, documentary series, etc

Reverse EPG

with post-broadcast correction for mainstream channels, on demand


importation of metadata and business data: validity periods, prices, etc

EIDR identifiers

integrated into the system natively

Recommendation engine:

personalised or based on labels

Labels, evaluations and reviews,

exclusive and from the media

Constant updates

in real time or adapted to the consumption times of the customer’s systems

Construction of editorial offers:

seasons, packages, subscription

Service 24/7/365,

via telephone or email

Flagging and blackouts

for different platforms (OTT, etc.)

TS marking and PVR

marking and recommendations



On a ceremony attended by several sports authorities and fe
November 23, 2017
Cinfo will attend the Sports IP Forum event held in Valenci
November 07, 2017