cinfo is a company that puts research and development at its very core. It works closely with several research groups from all three Universities in Galicia, including groups working in algorithms research, audiovisual content research, distributed control systems and realtime graphics.

Some of the research works that cinfo has integrated and that can be enjoyed by its clients as cutting edge technologies are:

  • Parallel video processing in the cloud
  • Recommendation engines
  • Online social feeling analysis and tagging
  • Smart auto tagging of audiovisual content.
  • Usability analysis for new interfaces
  • Big data analysis of user interaction

We continue to look around us and talk with the people that spend their days thinking and researching the technologies that will disrupt the audiovisual landscape that we are living in.


On a ceremony attended by several sports authorities and fe
November 23, 2017
Cinfo will attend the Sports IP Forum event held in Valenci
November 07, 2017