The perfect tv

The perfect tv

Despite the good intentions of some, what the majority of us want, when we get home after a long day at work, is to sit down in front of the TV and be entertained. At other times, we may use it to catch up with the news, play games, or keep in touch with friends and family, but what we're usually seeking is to escape. 

To do so, the last thing we need is an application menu exactly the same as all the other screens in our life. What we really want to see is actors who thrill us, sportsmen and sportswomen who entertain us, and presenters who make difficult concepts easy for us. With no navigation and no interface. 

That's why cinfo is working on its barker channels, with Synth technology. The content IS the interface, because fifty years of zapping is the proof that it works. With Synth we can generate all the channels we want automatically, from a repository of films or trailers, and with cinfo's control over metadata "Push-to-buy" links can also be set in each item of content. So that we users need to push one button less than to change the channel. 


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November 23, 2017
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November 07, 2017