Multi-camera Cinfo technology will allow cable operator R to offer all the matches of Xiria handball teams

On a ceremony attended by several sports authorities and federation representatives of handball clubs and other sports in Galicia, the agreement between R and handball club Xiria was made official. Now, all the matches will be accessible to R clients from a set-top box app.

The new service can be provided thanks to the Cinfo technology (see video), which allows to automate all event production tasks, making it affordable for the club, and provides an innovative multi-camera interface which allows the fans to have control to choose the camera view they prefer to watch the match instantly, and any time.

In the ceremony hosted by the Mayor of Carballo, attendees could see how the service works in a demonstration made with the cameras installed in Carballo’s sports venue "Vila de Noia", and connected using R optical fibre.


Carballo, November 23th of 2017.-

This evening, the Forum Carballo congregated several Galician government and sports (primarily from the handball world) public figures, to attend the presentation of R's multi-camera service, based on the technology that belongs to CINFO (R is the subsidiary company and developer of the core platform). Thanks to this system, the handball club will be on R television and the audience will have access to its teams matches.

Among the attendees were José Luis Pérez Ouro, president of the Galician Handball Federation; Luciano Calvo, Xiria's president; Amancio Varela, from the Galician Football Federation; Bruno Sánchez, from the Baseball and Softball Club Cambre, and Marcos José Trigo, Carballo's Sports City Councilor, among other sports personalities in this region.

Carballo's mayor, Evencio Ferrero, expressed his satisfaction about a Carballo club being able to use this innovative multi-camera television platform.

Alfredo Ramos, R's CEO considered it essential that "new technologies continue to be progressively incorporated into the world of sports to squeeze all their possibilities. In addition, Galician fans can enjoy seeing their teams matches at the best quality".

Ricardo Añón, Secretary of Xiria Handball Schools, expressed his pride in the use of the platform. Associates and fans will be able to enjoy watching their teams matches on television and choosing the camera view he/she prefers.




how Cinfo technology makes this service possible

Cinfo’s technology is based on the smart video processing and data streams in the cloud, composing innovative user experiences in real time, with differential features compared to other solutions available in the market.

The use of Cinfo’s technology applied to the world of sports allows fans have an innovative way to access their teams’ games through a multi-camera interface with immediate camera change, and provides tools to reduce costs in event production so that clubs or federations with limited budget can afford it.

Cinfo’s multi-camera platform is deployed on the cloud and processes all the video and data flows available. In a basic deployment case, a 4K camera with a 180º view angle is installed in the sport venue covering the entire area where the game is played. This can be complemented with more cameras to offer additional points of view of the game (public, benches...) or with other data sources (for example, data from sensors deployed at the venue or wore by the players).



For each deployment, the sports venue must have the required fibre connectivity, so that it can be guaranteed that all the streams reach the cloud with the required quality to offer the best user experience.

From the cloud platform, and depending on the coverage usage, different tasks are carried out to add value to the user experience when accessing the sport event:

  • Automatic activity tracking: based on the video streams from the permanent cameras deployed at the venue and without any camera operator, Cinfo’s platform automatically operates the full game production applying smart game tracking algorithms to choose at each moment the right camera, zoom in / zoom out...
  • Generation of virtual cameras based on the video streams from physically deployed cameras and from the available metadata sources.
  • Generation of an interactive multi-camera interface, where the user can access any of the generated virtual cameras (including the automatic one) from his/her device. To provide this multi-camera experience to the user, the device has to interact with Cinfo’s platform playlist server. However, access to the video chunks in different qualities is directed against any CDN, so costs are equivalent to any other traditional streaming services. Cinfo’s multi-camera interface differentiating feature is that the camera change is instantaneous; the user never loses game action when he/she decides to change the camera. This is an essential user experience feature for watching sports events to avoid discouraging its use.
  • Metadata extraction from video analysis (for example, baskets, goals, fouls...) to automatically help enrich the available information of the event.
  • Automatic generation of highlights and video summaries of the event without human intervention.
  • Option to automatically publish of the generated video content in Facebook or YouTube.
  • Persistent event storage to make the access possible, not only to the live events, but to the entire repository of events for on-demand access.
  • Option to produce the event manually and remotely, by accessing a virtual mixer to work with any of the available virtual cameras and to overlap his/her own graphic resources on the output video.
  • On roadmap, using this same Cinfo technology and relying on hardware devices with specific features. It will also be possible to provide 360º immersive experiences with virtual reality helmets, so that the user can "enter the event" and see it as if he/she was physically at the sport venue.


Open to any team

Xiria handball club will start using the platform to make games readily available through the R operator set-top box. This platform is open to any other club or team interested in having presence on R television. The Galician operator participates as a technology partner and is responsible for all the required action on the sport venue, so that it is ready to work with Cinfo’s multi-camera platform on the cloud.

On the other hand, the club is responsible for the contents broadcasted, the rights management and the required authorizations.


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