Cinfo will be present at the Sports IP Forum event organized in Valencia

Cinfo will attend the Sports IP Forum event held in Valencia, the leading event in management in rights and digital trends in sports.

A Coruña, 07th November 2017.- Sports IP Forum will be held on November 22nd and 23rd at Feria Valencia (Spain) and Cinfo will have a stand to be used as a meeting point for the fair visitors and to show demos of our technology (the generation of real-time video in the cloud) applied to cases of sports use.

Generating real-time video on cloud servers means that TV platforms can be provided with value. By offering services such as multi-camera broadcasts or the construction of low-cost channel mosaics encourages the increase in the number of users. In the professional setting, this technology lends itself to the construction of remote production systems and real-time system monitoring at a fraction of the cost of current systems.

Sports production companies in a number of countries are testing technologies to offer a multi-perspective broadcast experience consistent on different platforms, including tablets, smart phones, PCs and cable decoders, IPTV and HbbTV.

Our multi-camera solution provides low cost solutions for automatic production and publishing of events without human intervention. Using a permanent deployment of cameras and the use of several video analysis algorithms to automatically choose the right camera or zoom in/out at each moment, our platform generates a final output stream that is made available to final users through Facebook Live, Youtube or any other distribution networks easily.

In addition to the stand, Cinfo participates actively on the Sports IP Forum. Miguel Barreiro (Cinfo CTO) will be a speaker on one of the 4 thematic blocks of the program ("Content Production and Digital Markets") and will talk about "New video Content Distribution. Multicamera and use the cloud".


CINFO is a Spanish company specialized in products and solutions for work with content from TV operators. CINFO offers comprehensive solutions, ranging from cloud video to EPG data: data creation, editing, enhancement, audience measurement, recommendation engines and all sorts of content solutions.