The automatic audiovisual production is here. Our technology allows to film any event live, automatically and without human intervention.

The automatic production included in our software allows us to offer a high-tech product for any venue owner, as well as audiovisual right holders. All that is needed is a fiber optic or 4G technology, and our system.

We in install in both indoor and outdoor venues cameras connected to the internet which film the event. The system sends the video to our cloud, transforms it, and finally recodes it accordingly to its destination point: mobile devices, free platforms, social media, paid TV, Smart TVs and VR devices.

You decide what to record and we take the responsibility of making sure everything is done correctly, guaranteeing your recording is perfect. In addition, our cameras are 100% secure, and only record whenever you want them to.

Automatic television makes a niche market accessible, giving viewers the access to small sports clubs’ games, concerts, school activities and much more.

Who is it targeted?

Any venue owner can benefit from automatic audiovisual production.

  • Clubs and sports entities: have your own TV service. View your games live or deferred, also allowing your fans to follow you beyond the stadium. Film your team’s practices and plan game strategies.
  • Schools: broadcast any event for families to view without having to attend the event and to keep for their memories. All of this ensuring the privacy of your children 100%.
  • Concert venues, theaters, philharmonic orchestra, and festivals: broadcast all your concerts live or deferred for everyone to see.

How does it work?

Any event is filmed with the use of installed cameras. We have a wide range of cameras available: HD, 4K, fixed, dynamic, etc. These are installed at your venue according to your creative vision.

Cinfo’s algorithm allows an automatic following of the event. The camera knows where the action is, deciding between close-ups and a broader view of the play when necessary. Due to the automatic recognition of the context, it takes less than 0.10 seconds for the system to make the decision, removing any perceived delay to the viewer.

Logos, corporate elements, fixed and rotatory publicity, and scoreboards can be implemented on the recording, as well as play commentary created with a special app that we provide.

Where are the videos available?

You are the owner of the videos. Our platform allows you to decide the destination of your productions:

  • Your website. Where you can upload for streaming or download. We can also help create a per view paying system, creating digitals tokens for the videos
  • Distribution platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • CDNs
  • Paid TV programing. Our running order system allows you to link videos to distribute them as files or channels
  • DTT operators. Our systems allows the distribution of videos via HbbTV
  • Our app. We share 50% of publicity earned income
  • The multi-camera service has to be broadcasted by our streaming server, as it is Cinfo’s exclusive technology

What does our service include?

  • Camera set up and installation
  • Automatic following of the game. Our system learns with time and is able to follow the game automatically.
  • Insertion of graphics and publicity on your videos.
  • Live broadcasting in YouTube, Smart TVs, etc.
  • All year long (365 days) support

Other services

  • Multi-camera: The multi-camera feature allows the viewer to select which camera they want to see, providing a unique experience of the event. With this feature, the algorithm is no longer in control, the user is. The viewer can select any of the present or virtual cameras pointed at a particular point in the general plane.
  • Remote Production: It is possible to turn off the automatic feature and remotely control the cameras. Remote production feature allows authorized users to substitute the algorithm and manually select camera angles and movements, zooms and graphics.



Cinfo’s automatic production is taking automatic TV one step further. We have developed algorithms that allow the camera to complete autonomous tracking for many sports. Our technology is able to follow games without human intervention.

The cameras know where the action is, and decide between close-ups and a broader view of the play when needed.



Automatic production offers a professional and complete final result. Add an automatic scoreboard, where the name of the teams can be seen at all times, as well as the score and time.Your followers will be able to see and follow the game live without missing out any information.

Add value to your broadcast by adding a commentary in the automatic production. You can add a voice over live and will be integrated in your video.


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