Cinfo patented technology portfolio includes a wide array of innovative solutions: 

cloud-based real time rendering and graphics virtualization. Ideally suited for virtualized TV interfaces, a rich, interactive UI is created remotely and streamed to the set-top box or OTT player.

- automatic scores acquisition and sports tracking. Using only visible wavelength video from standard cameras, our video analytics solution:

o    examines the scene using deep learning techniques

o    extracts information to drive a physical or virtual camera positioning system

o    reads scoreboards, even from very hard to read angles, through obstacles such as protective networks and glare.

 - virtual camera rendering; based on a single or multiple physical camera, our technology renders virtual camera footage from hard to reach angles and positions.

 - immersive, multi-object VR streaming player: 180/360-degree video player; additional objects in the scene (videos, slideshows) are fully manageable by the viewer.

multicamera streaming with very fast camera switch time, fully compatible with Internet standards.



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