Escolas Balonmán Xiria will use tiivii to broadcast all matches played at home

To broadcast all the games played in Vila De Noia, Calvo Xiria does not need operators or camera directors. Calvo Xiria, Carballo's team, currently competing in 1st Men's State, will rely on tiivii to automatically take care of the audiovisual production of each match.

How does it work?

tiivii, is an R&D product based on artificial intelligence and video analytics able to record, follow the game and broadcast live any sporting event.

The operation is simple.

In the Vila de Noia Pavilion, 3 Full HD cameras and one 4K camera of high quality have been installed and secured to cover the different angles and planes of each match.

The cameras are connected to the internet and are managed securely through tiivii's web platform. Only staff authorized by the club can order a recording and manage its publication.

In each match is generated automatically: the scoreboard with the information of each team, a bug with the logo of Calvo Xiria, the advertising banners that the team from Carballo has decided and the live voice-over made by a commentator of the team from an app.

The matches are broadcast on Xiria TV, the team's Youtube channel. In addition, all the videos produced are stored in the cloud and are available for download for a limited time.

Calvo Xiria vs Teucro Colegio San Narciso. Real example of a handball match recorded and broadcasted automatically on Youtube with voice over synchronized by mobile app.

The more hours you record, the more tiivii learns

tiivii learns with every game. The algorithm feeds and evolves constantly. It is faster and faster, more agile and offers the best shots of each move.

The tiivii algorithm is not exclusive to handball. It is ready to automatically follow other sports such as basketball, tennis, football or paddle tennis. Here you have more information.

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Photo by chuttersnap